Friday, November 9, 2012

Sandy's a Big-Ole Meanie

She knocked us out for a while!  We were Powerless for several days, and for several more we had no telephone or Net access.  But the house and my humans are intact and we lost no major trees so we are among the very fortunate. 
The upside of having power but no communication is, time to craft!  I finished a mess of crochet and quilting projects - word to the wise, it's MUCH easier to crochet than to sew when working by candlelight. 
Here is one of my finishes.  Are any of you playing with Konda's latest quilt along?  It's my first foray into mini quilts and I've got to tell you, I love it!  Here's my Mini Number 3 from her book - I chose to make it a Halloween quilt, another first!
OK, I hear you - but if you squint a bit you'll see a pumpkin, several bats and some ghosts!  This is her "Flying Around in Circles" pattern, finishing at 16" square.  It was a total blast!  Easy and satisfying. 
When I left you last time I offered up my bag-o-selvages as an incentive to back Threadbias on Kickstarter.  Alas, the project did not get the backing it needed to be Kickstarted.  Hope is not lost however:  the community is very much still in place and they're going to try to fund the software directly through the site.  So you can still back them and be a beta tester if you wish!  And - the selvages go to Jyllybean!  Jylly, I'm emailing you now; look to your inbox so you can send me your snailmail!
Just for fun, here is number one from the quiltalong, "Mosaic:"


And number two, "Fire and Rain:"  I need to re-bind this because it popped - eek!  Every quiltalong is a learning experience and this one is no exception.  But Konda's schedule has a built-in get-it-done break so I have time to do it and keep on schedule for the rest of the quiltalong! 




  1. Good to hear you are all ok!
    The quilting on mosaic is really fun. I am going to have to try something like that.

  2. Super excited about theselvages! And I haven't seen that quilt along, I'll have to check it out. I've recently done a few mini quilts, and really enjoyed them.

  3. Glad you are back! Missed you!
    Your Halloween mini is cute, and you know when it comes to Halloween I can always see it! =)