Thursday, January 29, 2009

Wintry Week

That's NOT water on the driveway. The kids, who are finally back in school after yet more snow days, had to trudge through the snowdrifts to get to the bus stop - there wasn't a chance of making it down the actual drive without breaking something important. January is apparently the highest divorce-rate month. With people trapped indoors and forced to spend hours trying to either entertain their offspring or allow them to play willy-nilly on the XBox and the Internet, it's little wonder.

On the plus side, this week I made an almost-respectable pinwheel block out of 2.5-inch squares/HSTs:

I learned a bunch working on these, such as: it IS possible to sew too narrow a seam margin! Made a mess of HSTs, chain style, then when I cut them I had no allowance so they fell apart. dang. I do wish there was a quilt store nearby - there isn't one for 35 miles and that's a trudge in the winter with hubby's night-work schedule and my other commitments. Maybe in a few months; I'd feel a lot more confident if I took a class.

I made bread yesterday - with the slush falling at an ugly rate, I figured it just wasn't worth it to go out to the store. At lunchtime I made the dough, then hubby baked it a couple of hours later. Looks OK to me!

I thought it was pretty good for a basic whitebread recipe. It got mixed reviews. One kid raved and the other kid made a crack about making it "even more bumpy." At least there were no comments about using the loaves as doorstops.

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