Saturday, May 1, 2010

Wonky Log Cabin - Finished!

After holding for a shameful period trying to decide how to quilt the boychild's quilt, he said he wanted - and I quote - "wonky straight-line quilting."  Done!  Final size:  46 x 79" to fit the long-and-skinny loft bed.

I could show you every block, since they're all different and I love them all, but here are just two of my favorites:


  1. I actually WANT you to show me every block, SweetPea- I LOVE THIS! This is so cool, what a lucky boy-child you have. Love the animal skin sashing, love the animal blocks, that tiger head is unbelievable! Truly, I'd love to see more. What a great quilt. He can never change beds, not for as long as he lives! :)

  2. This really wonderful - I love the centres!!

  3. WOW ! That's what I'm calling INSPIRATION ! Thanks for showing and heartful congratulations ;>)

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