Monday, June 28, 2010

The Circle of Life

My husband found this incredibly cool spider a few days ago on the house; I put it on a square of fabric to get a decent shot. LARGE, with terrific markings. I got about 6 inches away from it, trying to focus the camera (I do need better macro capability), when ... it MOVED! Sluggishly, yes, but it MOVED. The boychild howled with laughter at my less-than-ladylike response to this. The husband says it was rigor mortis setting in, but I think it was only Mostly Dead when I (gulp) moved it.

Here’s our excitement for the morning. When we bought the girlchild a pair of rats last week, we were very careful to look at their little heinies to make sure we had a pair of girls. I don't know why I thought that was any kind of guarantee. Presuming they don't eat the babies, do any of you need rodentia pretties for your kids?

One hour later: Now, after the fact, we're not sure *which* rat had the babies! One of them bit the girlchild the other day, a common thing whilst pregnant, but the other seems to be suckling them! Might be because of proximity - maybe they sypathetically lactate - might be because they're *both* pregnant! You know how the mind works in a case like this. And the worst part? There were two other rats in the cage with them at the pet store. HAIRLESS rats. I’m sorry, I’m not squeamish as a rule but hairless rats are my limit. Well, and maggots – but don’t get me started on them.

For your entertainment, here’s what I see when I see a hairless rat I loved these books and  One-Eyed Jake is a perfect example of my perception of hairless rats.  Now you can have one of your very own!

The latest update: they both appear to be suckling the babies, they are both cleaning the babies, and no babies have been eaten thus far. damn.


  1. LOLOL!

    Did you know, a fact proven by ME, of which scientists are not knowledgeable, is that guinea pigs COME pregnant - i.e., they are BORN pregnant. I'm trying to figure who needs to be informed of this medical mystery, but it's probably the same person YOU need to be talking to also.

  2. Theere is no way I could have been that close to the spider. Even if it was dead. I dont do well with spiders. You are very brave.