Thursday, June 17, 2010

End of School Year Madness

It's the usual mayhem as the school year winds down.  Concerts, plays, art shows, picnics, the works.  I wish they'd hold some of these activities in March, but the last six weeks or so are always chaotic as the schools and all extracurricular interests cram their celebrations and last-minute tasks in. 

I gave up making teacher gifts a couple of years ago - there are so many of them!  But this year we have two special retirements, and I always do something for the bus driver (he's very cool). 

For the girlchild's librarian, who has provided some terrific recommendations and who, I'm told, is "into shoes:"  a pair of singlet-style-shopping bags and a tissue holder:

I'm not generally into "girlie" fabric, but this is wonderful stuff, isn't it?

I did the same items for the boychild's art teacher, who encouraged both of my kids all through their elementary school years.  She's been a great influence, always enthusiastic and encouraging.  They're a little less wonky than they appear here, the wind kept trying to steal them!

Complete with home-made card; the boychild is ready to say "Goodbye" tomorrow!

The bus driver is a collector of cars and motorcycles, so I figure he's probably a bandanna kinda guy.  I took two 21-inch squares and double-hemmed them - I'm not proficient at a rolled hem so I simply folded a teeny hem down twice and stitched.  I love that pirate batik!

I've been working on lots of other things, but no finishes to show.  The GFG hexagons continue - I'm at the Plodding Stage, so probably won't take any more pictures until it looks like something worthwhile.  I've started to play with clamshells but haven't gotten serious about assembly yet.  Just finished a picnic quilt top and a baby quilt top - photos soon!   

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