Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Fair Skies

I finished my version of Andrea's Avignon Picnic!  This has taken me a shamefully long time to complete but I'm pleased with the results.  If you're looking for an easy, fun, jelly-roll-friendly project, I'd recommend this one in a heartbeat.  The front:

the back:

the close-up shot:

Details:  My final size, post shrinkage, was about 57 x 65 inches.  I had a little..ahem..issue with my eBay jelly roll - the strips were not consistently cut - so my finished blocks are smaller than Andrea's.  I know, caveat emptor and all that rot.  On the upside, there were no white-based prints so I got lots of mileage out of those strips.  I bought a heap of L'Amour circles print from Natalia at a wicked discount and incorporated it into the front, used it for the bulk of my backing and also bound with it.  Wish I had a bolt of the stuff, it's a lovely rich red and could go with lots of kinds of projects.

I'm hoping that the town Library will accept it to be raffled off at the local fair - thus the quilt name ("Fair Skies").  If they don't want it, I can find someone to take it off my hands, I hope!