Monday, October 18, 2010

Lucky Charms

 I finished my latest ORBC project!  This is Lucky Charms:

This latest quiltalong was led by the inimitable Pat Sloan, who introduced us to raw edge machine applique.  I had to make a concerted effort to "put on my Big Girl Panties" at several points along the way; I'm not entirely satisfied with the results but it was a great learning experience and I'm sure it's not the end of that particular path!  Pat's original designs (she gave us two choices plus a bonus project from the trimmings!) were much more flowing and lyrical; I took it in another direction because of my fabric choices - they just had to have Autumn-specific elements! 

A little closer on the center:
I would make the leaves a bit larger if I had it to do again, and the idea of making the branches more angular to go with the oak tree theme was better in theory than in execution, but I figure for a first effort at the technique it ain't bad.

10 points to the person who can correctly identify this "lucky charm" in my home.  Hint: pop culture reference that totally reveals my age!


  1. I love your quilt! It looks beautiful, congratulations. I thought your term 'Big Girl Panties' was excellent lol, perfect in fact. I need to put mine on and deal with stuff too.

  2.'s incredible to see the progress of your quilting. This is wonderful work. What did you think of applique? Is it something you'll do again? Haven't a clue of that 'thing'. LOL I think I need to get some big girl panties on soon and just get quilting!