Monday, March 28, 2011

Christmas Cactus completed

The pattern is from Sandi at Piecemeal Quilts; it's a lot of pieces but definitely suitable for a beginner who’s brave and organized. 900 squares make up the center portion! VERY good HST practice, I feel so much more confident now; it isn't perfect, by a long shot, but it's probably the prettiest quilt I've made.  It was gifted to my baby sister yesterday for her birthday.
The front (waving in the wind, it's very well aired!):

And - because I couldn’t keep track of the count I’d rather overcut and have choices than come up short and because I love a pieced back:

I used basic grid quilting in the center, tight lines in the first border and "organic" (relaxed, fun, crookedy) wider lines in the outer border. I love the look, especially on the back.

When we were kids, I once made my sister cry by stabbing her with a pencil; she returned the favor by hitting me over the head with her Blythe doll. I was really hoping she’d cry this time but she didn’t; too bad, ‘cause I know Blythe is long gone and she couldn’t bop me with it now!


  1. This is a stunning quilt. Looks very complicated to make!!! You've done yourself proud with this one. I love the colors and gosh, isn't the name "Christmas Cactus" perfect? The pieced backing is perfect and your quilting is charming. The whole quilt has a real feeling of love. :)

  2. Oh, oh, oh!!! It's so beautiful! I love what you've done with the pattern - your colors are so rich. I'm a sucker for a pieced back, too. Fantastic work!

  3. It is gorgeous Sally. The back turned out very pretty too!

  4. Egads!! That is an amazing quilt!