Sunday, July 31, 2011

Clamshells, Month 14

Goodness, has it been a whole month already?!? The summer is just flying past. I’ve had some finishes but alas, we’re suffering from camera shortage at the moment. I did take photos of my last finished quilt and a table runner with a borrowed camera but the photos came out so horrible I was ashamed to post them. I do have a functioning camera, but someone has misplaced the charger. I’m not saying it wasn’t me, but it would be the first time I’ve ever misplaced it, I’m ordinarily very careful about it ...
Anyhow – the clothesline shot:

I picked up a booklet for the local fair, thinking perhaps I’d enter a quilt this year. The local booklet states that quilting must be done by hand which rules me out, at least until the clamshells are done. The State booklet seems to contradict that. Now it’s starting to sound too much like work, think I’ll give it a miss; it’s too much like the local politics. I signed up last week for elections to get a full term on Planning & Zoning again, and am already regretting the decision; I’ve approached several local movers-and-shakers about pledging to a “No Vitriol” campaign; the representative of one party laughed outright and the other said “too late.” Sigh. I would like to see just one election cycle, even at the itty-bitty local level, proceed with the candidates touting their merits – only – and with no Straw Men, no panic-stricken crises caused by deliberate misinterpretation of innocent acts, no inflation of small skeletons into accusations of felonies. As you see, I’m still fully capable of sustaining a pipe dream!
I’m also working on a Drunkard’s Path which will be bright and bold; I have most of the blocks sewn and will play with layout next. There are so many terrific layouts to choose from that it wouldn’t surprise me if I take a long time to settle on one! I took a class at my LQS using their Accuquilt cutter – wow, that’s FAST! I just found out she has a tumbler die too, so that will be coming at some point, I think I’ll assemble some of my Craigslist scraps with those in mind. Here are my DP fabrics – aren’t they fun?


  1. Hi there you! I have question. What is it like to work on your clamshell when it's this large? or - How do you work the rows now that it's so big? Curious Karen.

    Your DP fabrics are PERFECT!

  2. Your clamshells are looking just fabulous! Love the DP fabrics too. That will be a fun project - at least for me as an observer! hee hee

  3. That clamshell progress is impressive! Good work!

  4. You are doing great progress on your Clamshell! I put mine up for a while but have recently gotten it back out, just need to get another row all pinned on!!!