Friday, April 6, 2012

Catching Up

Wow, those weeks went quickly!  Loads going on around here.  In addition to my usual rounds of home life, parenting, dog-tending, and Zoning Guy stuff, Spring arrived!

I’ve also gotten a very few projects finished and a few more off the ground.  Doggie dishes!

Granny Squares!

I finished my FQ Stars quiltalong top but cannot share it since I don’t want the future recipient to see it.  But I did win Quilt Block Bingo in my bee group!  Staci sent me geeky fabrics, I actually "squee"ed!

The design wall this morning:

Hope you are being productive and having fun doing it!


  1. Beautiful flowers, looks like spring has sprung! I like the geeky fabric and the bright colors you're using in the quilt blocks. If I didn't already have enough projects to keep me busy this year, I'd start the granny squares too!

  2. Wow! Real spring! Beautiful flowers at your place - they are still lagging here, but will be out soon. So nice to see all your projects in progress!