Monday, May 14, 2012

Productivity is Good!

I've been quiet here but busy in real life.  The Big News is that I bought a new-to-me Pfaff and am getting to know her.  If she has a name it's probably Doris:  this gal is practical and efficient with little room for tomfoolery.  She has a sure and steady hand and I'm enjoying the learning process immensely!

Also working on my bee blocks and having loads of fun with that:


For Mother's Day, my family bought me a lovely handbag.  They all thought it looked like FABRIC until I helped them visualize the end product!  Here it is, already full of Stuff:

Pattern is "Yin Yang" (of course) by Scrap-Bags.  Surprisingly roomy and nicely docile - see how the handles flop down when you set the bag down?  No hardware at all, which makes for quick construction too.  I used fusible fleece instead of batting.  I could see really going to town quilting or otherwise embellishing that lower half of the bag.  One thing the pattern doesn't crow about - but should - is the pockets:  two very roomy and clever pockets created as part of the construction process.  They're angled in such a way that they keep even fairly large items secure and easily retrieved. 

I've got a few more Granny Squares on the wall, have finished my Orange You Glad top and have cut another One Block Wonder - with teeny blocks this time!  You'll see those soon I hope.

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