Friday, June 22, 2012


Anya has published three posts; she is angry! 

My two cents:  Intellectual property rights should not trump common sense.

We've lost our good nature. Really, you want people to stop using any name that sounds like "Olympics?"  Fine, you should give the name back to the Greeks: if you think it's stealing then you are at least as guilty as Ravelry is. 

Approximately one third of U.S. residents knit.  Many are middle aged females, a population not known for its cowardice or restraint.  They all wield sticks (some pointy, some not) and needles.  Angering them is a foolhardy, self-defeating move at best. 

This is a population that has much in common with the Olympic athletes:  they take years to master their work; they hone their skills all year round and spend vast amounts of money on training and materials; some compete fiercely; and their dedication sometimes comes at the expense of traditional family time.  In contrast to the athletes, they produce not only inspiration but also much-needed goods for humans around the globe; they are noted for being quick to respond with material aid after any crisis resulting in a population in need. 

And you think their use of an offshoot name denigrates the athletes in some way?  Shame on you.

[I would have included a pic of the insert-the-forbidden-name-here logo but I don't want to get sued.]

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