Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Charms Winner and Orange You Glad Finale

Another irrepressible blogger, Mama Spark, has won the charms!  Check your email, Mama!  Pam will make sure the next round is lots of fun so make sure you check in with her blog if you don't follow her already - if you don't you should, she's always got something fun cookin'.
I'm not going to offer up a pic of the edited charm pack but here's my finished Orange You Glad quilt!  I had such fun with this Flickr group.  I chose the Courtyard Square block by pamkittymorningThe Orange gals each made me a block and I finally finished my borders just recently.  The front:

and the back:

OYG I will live at my house; it will be at Things with Wings in September so if you're in New England stop at the Air Museum and say Hello, the cheery block design and colors will make you smile!

I'm playing with layout ideas for OYG II.  Because I was a bee noob (as opposed to a newbie), I wanted to make sure I could tackle every block before cutting into others' precious fabrics.  So I took my own oranges and made a practice block for each one.  Here they are all together!  I haven't decided on sashing/borders so I'll let it stew awhile.  I've decided this will be my method for any bees moving forward; it's a great confidence builder and I get a second top out of it too! 
Look at all those neat blocks the folks chose - you can tell at a single glance what a great collection of humans we had participating!


  1. I can't wait to see it in person at the show!! Looks great on the blog!

  2. A lovely quilt and i like the back too. The orange quilt looks impressive. Orange is more or less our national colour.

  3. Congrats to the winner! I love your blocks Sally! They turned out great :)

  4. Thanks for choosing me!! I now have the charms and will be posting on Monday. I love both of the quilts but especially that all orange one, neat idea!