Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Colorful November

Well, it's been another busy couple of weeks!  I finished my shabby-chic quilt, gifted to my mother's sister who just turned 80.  I bought several packets of precut triangles when we went to Keepsake Quilting this summer, and added a few more from my stash.
And a niece has just given birth to a baby boy:  hooray, an excuse to finally use those Oceanica panels!  I found this blue bubbly batik in my LQS and practically swooned; I'm so glad it came out as I'd imagined!
The front:
The back:
And because older siblings shouldn't be left out when a new kid arrives, a puppy for Big Sister: 
You've seen this before: every year I go to Gozzi's and take the same photos!  Here's my favorite colored turkey from the farm this year: 


And a group shot!

Some folks have a good steady hand, others do not.  I always start with grand intentions - in this case Hungry Happenings' adorable pie turkey - and end up feeling like I have the artistic ability of a third grader.  Oh well, it tasted good!  
Hope your days are colorful too!