Saturday, January 28, 2012

Even More Starry Eyed

OK, take a deep breath and hold on tight, here are a few pics from today's "Total Eclipse" class!  Jackie has been a terrific instructor, offering her humor and gentle guidance along with effective teaching of Judy Niemeyer's techniques, her own killer tips and lots of cheering.

Sharon had hers all ready to lay out!

Most of us hadn't gotten that far!  But they are all just gorgeous, every combination working a different kind of magic.

Elisa  is the only one in the class using regular prints instead of batiks - Wowee-wow-wow, they're fabulous!

Rita's got a gradation groove going here:

Process:  laying out the frames

And filling in with color.  This woman has a serious eye, don't you agree?  It's like the depths of the forest in May:

Barb was so pleased with this block - ALL of her blocks are going to be fabulous! Keep an eye on her blog, this lady has some terrific and varied interests!  That's Jackie's version in the background, if you're a regular reader of her blog you've seen it before.

Maria works on her layout:

Outstanding progress!

SO beautiful ... Sigh...

How are my own blocks coming, you ask?  Well, I'm probably about in the middle of the group as far as production is concerned, but here's not not-quite-final-but-nearly-there layout:

Hope you enjoyed the eye candy!  This was a fabulous class, hope you enjoyed the bits I could share.  Hopefully Jackie will be teaching more classes soon - BTW she has a tutorial on foundation paper piecing on her blog today if you want to give it a try, it's fun!


  1. Wow. Just... wow. All of the quilts are going to be gorgeous. I agree, that one on the table with the purples and the acid yellows and greens is just incredible.

  2. Sally--You are such a lucky girl! Your class looks fantastic, and all those lovely quilts! You must have had such a great time.

  3. Your blocks look great on the design wall!! I somehow missed getting photos of your blocks during class yesterday (although I did get a shot of your scrappy blocks for the backing-- or whatever you decide to use them for). This was such a great class! I'm glad we will be able to keep in touch via blogland!

  4. Sally, it was such a pleasure having you in the class! Plus it was nice to have finally met you in person after following your blog for so long. You did a fabulous job and WOW... your quilt looks fantastic on the wall! Can't wait to see it done! Remember slow and steady!