Sunday, February 8, 2009

A tree grows ... Part I

This is the skeleton for my latest project. I'm going to cover it to look like a (winter) tree and use it to hang the lovely "Wizard of Oz" ornaments my Mom gave me for my last birthday. I don't want it to look too fussy or to detract from the ornaments, so I won't be doing leaves - much less apples.

I've been searching for months for a proper hanger for them and finally decided to do it myownself. I went to the hardware store yesterday and got some fairly serious wire (18, 15 and 12 gauges, I think) and started wrapping. I worked on it in a couple of sessions yesterday in between Kid Duties and trying to organize my fabric stash.

I wore gloves for most of the wrapping, but my hands are still a bit torn up; and my wrists look like I walked into a herd of feral cats with a dead fish and yelled "suppertime!"

I think I'll make a smaller one for my daughter's tiny-leaved ivies; they want support and it'll be more fun than the ring or sphere I'd originally thought of making for them.

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