Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Moby is Smiling Today!

I got the email - Moby has been awarded an Honorable Mention! There were eighteen winners selected; as one of these, he will be displayed at BeadFest in Santa Fe this weekend, then again in Philadelphia at their BeadFest in August. He will also get a glamour shot in Beadwork magazine in the summer issue! I'm planning to go to Philly to see him on exhibit.

I'm thrilled, of course; I put several months and untold finger-sticks into him. He is not the prettiest creature, but then again he's not supposed to be; he's a battle-hardened warrior who has seen the very worst that Man and Nature can serve.

You know how when one of your friends or relatives is pregnant, all of a sudden it seems like *everyone* is pregnant? I've seen so many references to Moby in the past few months it's incredible: from DVDs of old Rocky & Bullwinkle episodes about "Maybe Dick" to the Yankee Magazine coverage of the marathon reading of the novel every January in New Bedford, he pops up all over the place. Does that make him trite? Gee, I hope not; I've become so fond of him.


  1. Absolutely AMAZING ! THANKS for your kind comment on my Hexagons quilts, always encouraging.... ;>)
    LOVE your blog, too : soooo creative ! I'll be back, for sure.

    (((HUGS))) & smiles from my little corner of the world (Belgium)