Sunday, February 22, 2009

A Tree Grows, Part 2

In progress. I covered the entire form with black fabric using a glue-and-water mix, and now I'm adding color. I kind of liked it in the black, it was way creepy; but that would be another project. It looks sort of discombobulated now, but I promise I Have A Plan and that it doesn't involve actual camouflage.

Naturally I ran out of the primary fabric - it's taking more than I'd anticipated. There are not a lot of fabric shopping choices where I live; I will go to the shop where I got the first round of this gorgeous brown batik today. Yesterday I hit a branch elsewhere in the state but was not successful. They had the same fabric in a rusty orange, but that would't do.

My son wants you to notice the LEGO man I put in the pic for scale. I really must learn to do this at 4am, so I don't have to hear the entire LEGO Man Gets Attacked By Demon Tree tale while keying. You'd think a boy raised in a house full of flaming liberal No War types would play "nicer" games, but that's not the case; I hear little but weapons noises all day long (fwoosh! blargh! phww! shing!)

On the quilty side, I've made a bunch more hexies but that's such a longterm thing it's hardly worth mentioning. I STILL haven't done daughter's quilt back, but am actively agonizing over it. I spend massive amounts of time actively thinking/planning before execution - last night during dinner I was accused of being "In Quiltland" and ordered to return immediately when I didn't respond to a question. You that way too?

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