Saturday, March 21, 2009

To Contrast, or Not to Contrast?

Last year, DD said she wanted to start crochet. We got her a couple of hooks, some yarn and a book. Well, she's made lots of long chains but gotten no further, so I signed us both up for an Adult Ed class. In anticipation I made these crochet hook rolls with the aid of the terrific tutorial here. Aside from my own addlepated inability to figure out how to place the ties before final assembly (face them IN, silly!), the tutorial was extremely easy to follow, with loads of pics to guide me.

So the question is, should I have gone nuts with the contrasting thread or not? I used it on the little needle pockets but not the large hook pockets, on the ties but not for the final topstitching. How much time do you devote to agonizing over this sort of thing? Are you willing to swap thread and bobbin several times during a project?


The class starts this week. I need another craft like I need a hole in the head, but DD will get good use out of it and it never hurts to have a new skill in one's arsenal! In any case, we're ready to "roll" now! And hopefully we will both find out what a "Magic Adjustable Ring" is and how to use it!


  1. those are a great idea to keep just what you need handy! I like em! And I really like that you're taking a class together with DD. ;-)

  2. These are wonderful.
    I have been wanting to make some for my needles but just can't seem to get to it.