Monday, April 6, 2009

Lots Goin' On, Nothing to Show For It

I’m doing stuff but not finishing stuff. The Tree continues to evolve, DD’s quilt is pin-basted but has to be rebasted ‘cause I’m a dork, I have started cutting the fabric for her shades but do not have the pieces together yet. I DO have an almost-rectangular object from Crochet class, so that’s excitin’. It may make an acceptable (to me) scarf. DD made a granny square, so she’s definitely a Giant Step ahead of me! I just can’t get excited about it right now with so many other interests – I’m spreading myself too thin to give it the attention I should.

My GFG continues to plod along steadily – I’ve been aiming to baste 10 hexagons per day and have stuck pretty close to that; I have 900 basted, so only another month or two before I think about layout! All my hexies from leftover bits of fabric so it will be very scrappy – I figured the traditional flowers would not work given that I have some bits large enough only for one or two hexies.

All of a sudden there are Too Many Projects. One non-crafty project is very time-consuming with an absurdly tight deadline so that is eating a LOT of hours. DS’s birthday party is this week and I’ve done little preparation; it’s not going to be an over-the-top party! A friend and I have been trying to arrange a Girls’ Weekend (just us and our daughters) for a couple of months now, and it looks like it might actually happen! So there’s lots going on, and some actual progress, but not much to show for it yet.

And just so you get pics – a few years back my daughter wanted a “China” themed birthday. I made this Dragon Dance dragon for her. I know he’s very silly. I used to love doing overblown parties, the kids had such fun! Alas, the kids are older now - they'd rather hang out and have fewer structured activities.

The kids:

The grownups:

I still have the head and the pearl – the rest got frogged for someday when I want to torture myself by making something out of now-tiny pieces of cheap brocade.
Materials: LOTS of brocade; chair cane for the frame; styrofoam balls for eyes; paint; beads; yarn for whiskers; felt for teeth; dowels for handles .... etc.

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  1. Oh my gosh, you are mom of the year with that prop! It's incredible! Do any of your schools celebrate/study Chinese New Year in January? What a great activity for the kids to participate in. You are so creative!