Tuesday, May 19, 2009

...A Brand New Bag

I made a bag! I used a pattern I found online for the Masa Bag; it looked perfect for Tunisian crochet (and for a newbie - its just a rectangle folded in a clever way).

I should have used cotton to keep it from being stretchy, but I couldn't resist buying this yarn at the LYS - it's a 50/50 mohair/lamb's wool blend that is just lovely and it was on sale! I did double up the handle and used a Tunisian join on it - geeky, I know - so the handle is pretty stable.

I need to decide whether to felt it or not - I think it kind of wants to be felted. Do you think felting it would increase its strength or just make the holes seem smaller?

And a pic of my heuchera blossoms (and my favorite fern), just 'cause it's Spring.

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  1. Wow! I love it and I'm off to make myself another Masa bag in Tunesian crochet :-)