Monday, May 18, 2009

Quilt Along

Dana at the Old Red Barn Co. is having a Sew Along with a fantabulous prize - a Janome 6600! Now, I don't really need a snazzy machine like that but I wouldn't turn it down if it landed on my doorstep. This is a perfect opportunity for me to learn with active guidance. The tutorials I've found online have been wonderful but I think this will be like taking a Real Live class; I do find it frustrating to bounce all over the 'Net whenever I need specifics on a particular step or have trouble gleaning the instructions I've found.

Naturally I do not have the time for this project, but what the hey - I bought some Washtub FQs awhile back and they are begging me to use them! I had pictured an Apple Core quilt for them, but the GFG will take me quite a while so I'll put them to good use now. Perhaps I can find more, or something I like better, when it's time for my next handwork project.

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