Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The Motherlode

This weekend the annual Town Wide Tag Sale was held in my town. Anyone who wants to have a yard/garage sale, does; the local Historical Society sells maps and the event brings loads of people from out of town. It was crazy, they even had a cop directing traffic downtown – once you understand that we only have a stop sign for our major downtown intersection, and that the town is comprised of 4,000 citizens, you’ll know that’s a Big Deal.

Friday I stayed up way too late helping a friend get his sale ready. His mother passed away several years ago, and his father is in a nursing facility so he is going to rent the house. It was loaded with antiques and local ephemera, and we had a lot of fun just getting the stuff out for sale. As a way-too-generous thank-you for prepping on Friday and working the sale on Saturday morning, he gifted me with some of his mother’s old sewing things. Check it out!

An awesome sewing box, with doodads thrown in. Lots of snaps, pins, scissors, and I will never need to buy needles again! Anybody know what one uses “iron powder” for?

A tackle box loaded with goodies! There are a bazillion small spools of poly thread, a bunch of spools of carpet/buttonhole thread, thread pickers, snippers, two (!) small magnifying glasses, and sundry other notions. Whee!

And a special bonus prize – The World’s Most Fabulous Button Box!

This is especially wonderful to me; my mother-in-law gave me her button tin about 13 years ago, and I KNOW it is somewhere in this house but it has been missing for many years. To have it replaced, with such gorgeous contents, is simply overwhelming.

Some of the contents are quite old, and are genuinely swoon-worthy.

Lastly: after working my friend’s tag sale, I stopped at a couple on the way home (c’mon, I HAD to...). And I got this beauty – for $40!! I will need to bring her in for a tuneup and definitely for wiring work, but she’s just beautiful and I think she will become a much-loved tool in time. Singer model 15-91.


  1. I don't sew, but that box is awesome! I can see keeping all of my craft stuff in that. Fun goodies!

  2. That is absolutely wonderful. For years that was the only sewing machine I had. I re-upholstered all my furniture and made baby clothes with it. Fond Memories. Thanks for your comment and entry over at SWB. I wish I lived in your town, that sale sounds awesome.

  3. Wow!!!! Lucky you! (Thanks for entering my giveaway - may your good luck continue!)

  4. I'm so jealous of your lucky finds and gift from your friend. That sewing box is just beautiful and I can only imagine what goodies are inside. LUCKY YOU!! Thanks for the comments on my givaway post. Will be drawing tomorrow!