Wednesday, May 6, 2009

A Walk in the Woods

Well, it's a little too wet out this morning to take my walk so I thought I'd show you some pictures I recently took of my favorite sights. I do love this walk: when I enter the forested area it gets very quiet - the songbirds hang out near the cleared land and there is rarely a car at 6am. I love that moment when I approach a cleared area and re-enter the songbirds' realm.

Here you'll see my favorite kind of sign. Presumably it once warned against trespassers.

Connecticut is much more heavily forested now than it was 200 years ago. There is evidence of former settlement everywhere you look, from the stone walls (some little more than vaguely-organized heaps, others maintaining their straight lines with no one to maintain them for decades) to old fencing. here you can see where a tree has grown around an old barbed wire (some call it bob wire) fence. The old stone chimney in the background beguiles me - I like to daydream as I walk about who might have lived here, what the house and land looked like at that time, where their descendants might be today.

This is my destination - well, my turnaround point - most days. I LOVE this little farm. I covet this land, though I don't foresee any chance of owning it. They have several chickens and some geese, and two Angus as well - one of them acknowledges my morning greeting placidly enough; the other usually gives me a nasty look and pointedly ignores me. They do have a bad rep, those Angus. Someday I will get mad at the mean one and tell him that his true worth is in steak.

The apple trees are just starting to bloom; the cherry trees will come next.

\I want to laugh aloud every time I walk by this tree; I want to tell her, "Honey, I know JUST what you mean! I have the SAME problem trying to find trousers that fit!"

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  1. I love that alot of your blog posts have tree photos in them. I got a great chuckle out of the trouser tree... ;-) Sounds like a beautiful place to walk, very peaceful.