Saturday, April 25, 2009

A Tree Grows, Part 3

I have finished my Tree! A little sandpaper and a few polyclay leaves and I'm ready to call it done.

I made it to hold the lovely Wizard of Oz ornaments I got for my last birthday. I didn't like the wire trees available, so I made one.

The ornaments (six of them!):

And here it is "in situ" on my funky desk:

And because it is so lovely here in southern New England during this freak heatwave, here's a shot of my outrageously-gorgeous-even-though-it's-still-a-baby weeping cherry:


  1. Hi,

    You won my giveaway for art materials - congratulations! Please e-mail me (reply to this comment)and let me know your real name and address. At least I don't think your real name is Grendelskin - LOL! And also I can't remember if you said you liked more arty or more crafty (scrappy) supplies.

  2. Love that tree! I think I said that before... it is so cool! I am jealous of your cherry blossoms ;-)

  3. Wow- that's amazing!!! You are so talented! :)