Tuesday, April 21, 2009

You Are Here

It's always good to know where you are.

And where you are going.

A friend and I took our daughters to Boston this weekend. It was terrific; I hadn't been in many years and had forgotten how much I liked it.

We found the most-surreal subway station in town, saw lots of terrific architecture, bronze statues, funky art installations and old graveyards, ate well and talked and talked and talked.

We even found a deat rat in the Granary graveyard! (No, I didn't take a photo!)

We bought books, explored funky corners, and ate copious amounts of pasta in the North End.

We took early-morning and late-night swims in the hotel pool and bought punky hair dye for our kids.

We watched the street performers at Faneuil Hall and tried to identify potential Marathon candidates.

We went to the Harvard Museum of Natural History, where I got to see extraordinary displays of two of my favorite things:
Glass (yes, glass!)

and minerals

And because we are women of a certain age, reared in a certain era, we vowed never, ever to submit to the Dispensations of Providence.

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