Monday, June 15, 2009


I love to drawl the word “gawwww-geous.” If you knew me you’d probably be surprised: I invented Frumpy, am plain-spoken at best, totally blunt at worst. It just doesn’t fit with my vernacular.

I especially love the word when I can apply it to something like this:

The talented Junie Moon sent me this gawgeous quilt kit as part of the Sewn launch party giveaway. Isn’t she generous? She's a fabulous hostess too, check out the posts about her latest party! The quilt is eye-popping beautiful and I can’t wait to practice some appliqué so I can make it. Don’t tell Mom but I think this would be fabulous in her living room.

This will be quilt #347 on the wanna-do list ....

I’ve also completed my top for the ORBC quilt-along. I’m jazzed – it’s bright and cheery and much more vibrant than the pic shows, or than I would do on my own. I’m new enough to be timid with color, so this has been a great chance to stretch those muscles. I‘m also learning loads – my ¼-inch seam is getting better with this practice.

I've agonized over the back more than I should admit in public, but it's giving me a chance to try other new skills. But the question remains: why would a person who is incapable of creative visualization and geometry take up this hobby?!?!?


  1. heeheehee - you must be in denial - your inner creativity is having its way with you and it can no longer be suppressed. Enjoy.

  2. Now that my monster pool party is over, I'm trying to catch up on what everyone's doing in their lives. How wonderful you like the batik quilt project. I truly hope you enjoy it. I love the fabrics and colors and overall design myself -- and the little drawstring bag is so cute.

    Your ORBC quilt is awesome. As someone who thinks "math" is a bad 4-letter word, I wonder how I manage to get creative projects done myself sometimes. Ah well, maybe our brains find workarounds that spur us on.