Tuesday, June 2, 2009


I've had this poor little Andromeda for about ten years ... really. It got decimated by the deer so many times that they effectively Bonsai'ed it (can that be used as a verb?). I transplanted it two years ago and it's happy. I was walking around with my pruning shears the other day, neatening things, and it caught my eye. Now it's a Standard. Cute, huh?

On the crafty side: I'm still working on my GFG - I have 1,401 litttle hexagons all basted (if I kept count correctly). I'm using a glue-and-water mix to stiffen them up temporarily so I can then sew them together. I have a few hundred spritzed-and-dried - the layout comes next! I have not forgotten the girlchild's quilt, my Official First Quilt - it just needs the front of the binding handstitched at this point. I am also working on her Tunisian Crochet bag - I'll work it a little differently from mine, but using the same pattern.

I'm on Week 3 of Dana's Quilt-Along. I've got my fabrics and cut them into strips, and this week I will sew the blocks. The fabric line is Washtub Butterflies - I love it. When I get better skillz I want to use 30's repros to do a pinwheel or whirlygiggles quilt. That's about number 37 on the Quilting Wishlist right now!


  1. 1401 hexies? Oh my. I am going to have to book mark you so I can keep up with your progress. Thanks for stopping by my blog.