Monday, September 28, 2009


Doesn’t look like much, does it? Not to you, perhaps; but to me, she’s the sweetest tree anywhere.

Some years after my grandmother died, my Mom said something about missing Grammy’s black walnut cake. A friend of mine had a tree in her yard and was thrilled to have me come collect the nuts – apparently those who mow lawns and do not bake *hate* the suckers!

Have I mentioned that they are very aromatic? I go up to the tree and sniff the fruit regularly; it’s a very evocative scent for me and for others too. One of the most tender moments of my adult life followed that first harvest, when I brought home the nuts from my friend’s house. I brought them into the house in a paper sack and told Mom to close her eyes. I opened the bag and instructed her, “Smell.” She said a single word: “Mom.” I nearly cried.

The following spring, my friend's walnut tree had a baby – its first ever – and she offered it to me. She was convinced that it bore solely because I gathered the fruit - it knew it was loved and needed. The sapling lived in my folks’ yard for two years, then moved here when we bought our house. She's 18 now, with love in every leaf. Last year was not so good for fruit production, but lookee!

I will explain the process I use for them when I have harvested! Not only does she give me fabulous nut meat, but as the bottom branches die off I have been using them for other purposes - as you know, Black Walnut wood is beautiful and very hard, ideal for many kinds of projects.
On the stitching side, I’ve still not completed the Zig Zag, but I’m about halfway done with Phase Two quilting. I still will not trust my seams I’m sure, but I have a deadline and that will help me toward completion! I gave up on renaissance Faire dress after what the girlchild calls “an Epic Fail.” At least I have a lovely new nightgown now! I did make a couple of pincushions using Janet’s lovely tutorial. Cute, huh?

And lastly, ‘cause I know you like prettiful things:

I admit it: when my sister told me this was a perennial begonia, I laughed at her. We’re in New England, and delicate beauties are not our specialty here for perennials! I planted it though, and this year it came back and is just now blooming!

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  1. This is so lovely!! Your quilts are just beauteous!!!