Friday, October 9, 2009

A Kitty Knows

HOW does the cat know? I’ll play with my layout (in this case for the Value Quilt Along) on my Design Floor and leave it thus (last night):

And this is what greets me when I next walk into the room (this morning):

The cat is half-blind, and getting old, and not spiteful by nature. I am the one who Gives Her Love, I am the Food Source and the only one who ever gives her a comb-through. I sing to the silly animal! So HOW does she know to step oh-so-carefully to the focal point of my layout and THEN mess it up?!?

Here is the perpetrator in action the prior night:. Notice that not ONE of the outer blocks is out of place? Fiendishly clever, no?


  1. I had a cat who would only mess up blocks on quilts she didn’t like. If she liked the quilt not one block would be messed up but she would be sleeping peacefully in the center of it. Quilts she didn’t like she would completely scatter. One quilt she absolutely hated, and actually refused to sit on my bed when the quilt was finished and on the bed for show and tell.

  2. I love this post! A classic cat conundrum (possibly spelt that wrong).

  3. I like this quilt and the one for the bloggers' quilt festival too.

  4. This is a beautiful quilt! Great work!

    Um my cat is in full blessed health and still is a little *** disturber. I need a design wall, as he just loves to hunt and pounce under the blocks.