Monday, October 26, 2009

Eye Candy

I went to a quilt show last weekend; it’s hosted by the Shoreline Quilting Guild based in Branford, CT. It was a neat small show, with a good variety of styles represented and several vendors. Here are pics of a few of my favorites from the show. I do not know any of these quilters personally but I wish I did!

Inspired by the Gates installation in Central Park a few years back:

Kermit's Convergence:

I've been drooling to do a circle quilt and have immediate plans to start one. I don't know if I'll go with the Old Red Barn Co's current quiltalong or something more like this, but I definitely have circles on the brain!

How striking this one is!

This floral just knocked my socks off.

But wait till you see the closeup of that hibiscus!

Probably my favorite of the vintage-style quilts on display:

The one that Hurt My Mind the most:

Up Close:

The Story:

My pick for Viewer's Choice. It's not my favorite pattern or my favorite colors, but I found myself walking back to take another look several times!

I am constantly astounded at how open and friendly the quilting community is. I’ve had a glancing acquaintance with a couple of other crafting communities, and I’ve never seen a group that is as warm, welcoming and willing to share tips and techniques as this one. I had a long chat with one of the vendors at the show, a professional long-arm quilter; I bought some “fat back” fabric for the boychild’s quilt from her. She was playing with scrap squares and we got to chatting about HSTs. She started to lay out her HST squares to show me a simple block but we ran short of fingers and got silly and she got them all turned around. We laughed and I went on my way. A few moments later she came running up to me on the floor, saying “I found it!” - she actually left her booth to come after me! She had the block drawn twice on a piece of paper, and proceeded to rip the paper in half so I could take one home! I see acts like this all the time with quilters, and am surprised, elated, and always grateful that they are so very giving. (Sorry I can't show you the pic, my scanner is on the fritz.)


  1. So glad you took pics of the show. I wish I could have gone. You are so right, quilters are a wonderfully generous group of people.

  2. Great pics, and thanks for your comment on my blog. I'm up and going, added another post...and the squirrels! To me, they're just rats with bushy tails & too dang smart for my own good.
    ~anna who is a kinda funky quilting mom to 7 in md, right near my hometown of Wash, DC