Wednesday, November 4, 2009

A Product Plug - travelling handwork

When I went to BeadFest Philadelphia with my beading buddy, we did lots of shopping. Natch. I bought a product there that I simply have to share. It's meant for beaders, but I've been using it for a couple of months now to ferry my hexagons around and it's fabulous. Take a look:

See? It has a lovely velveteen mat that folds around a zippered compartment. There's a nice wide elastic attached to hold it together when travelling. The mat is meant to be a nonslip surface for beading but it fits nicely across my lap for hex-ing. Because the velveteen isn't glued down you can keep extra pins and needles there too if you don't carry a needle case. (I did suggest to them at that time that they add another small patch of velveteen for this purpose.) I bought it as a set, which has the mat plus 3 zippered compartments: I carry my GFG hexies in one, my crochet in another (it fits a crochet hook roll plus, and if your yarn is really smooshy you could probably fit a full skein in it) and I use the third for off-the-cuff projects. If I want to carry something different the compartments come off the mat very easily with two large sturdy snaps.

And you can stuff it way full:

I plan on taking this to Maho Bay with me next week; it will hold enough hexies to keep me busy all week!
If you want more information, go to The Well Done Experience to take a closer look. I am not affiliated with them in any way, but am a very satisfied customer and think they're very sweet besides.

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