Friday, November 6, 2009

Off to Maho!

We’re off to one of my very favorite places in the world – Maho Bay Camps! The air will be soft, the water clear and warm, the food ample and the other campers uniformly friendly. No computers, no phones, little to do except swim, hike, eat, sleep, watch the glassblowers and swim some more – a perfect respite.

Isn't that a neat shot? It makes a nearly-perfect desktop background. I took that while walking from the camps to the next bay over, which is frequented by rays and turtles.

This will be our third time to the camps; the first time I won a week's stay as part of an NPR fundraising auction and we've scrimped to be able to return again (and again!). It's a truly special place, with a laid-back atmosphere that is perfect for recovering from the pressures of ordinary life. It's a decided step above camping, but attainable for those of us who cannot, or choose not to, do the resort thing.

We love the little geckos in the tent-cabin, they keep us mosquito-free at night. And the hermit crabs love to eat coffee grounds so there’s a mini-adventure every morning when they scurry to get their “breakfast!” There will be termite mounds to avoid on the trail, land crabs to gawk at, giant black centipedes to give me shudders, mongoose scurrying in the brush, wild donkeys, pelicans and iguanas to ogle, and loads more. Hopefully the resident octopus will grace me with a glimpse this time!

I know I will see lots of these little guys:

Will post some pics upon our return, if I get my face out of the water long enough to take some. I’m hoping to get a landscape-quilt-inspiration-shot somewhere along the way!

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