Wednesday, December 30, 2009

2009 Gift Crafting, part I

Our holidays continue, with multiple celebrations as family come and go.  I can share one gift that has already been given:  a set of 14 napkins for my Mom.  I used this tutorial for them; they were easy-peasey aside from the need to make lots of little snips for the rounds.  My wrists don't care for snipping so I had to take my time with that.

I did most of the cutting in a hotel room recently. I had to go out of town on business and I hate hotels; I end up flopped on the bed watching television and eating junk more often than not. This time I set myself up for production by packing a second bag with project materials and I brought my sewing machine along!  The clerk did give me a funny look when I checked in, but I think I'll plan to do this each time I have to travel alone; it was nice to have a few quiet hours dedicated to crafting. 

I also wanted to share with you the "Stock Kid Gift" I got this year for the large family gathering on my husband's side.  I never know how many children will show up, so I try to buy a single item in bulk to give to all the kids.  It's HARD to find something to suit all ages!  This year's choice was a Message in a Bottle Kit; it's beautifully packaged, the bottle is heavy (I'm thinking it's recycled glass), it comes with a gorgeous certificate for the kids to fill out and also wax and a tealight to make a watertight seal. Fun!  I do hope at least one of the kids gets a response!

BTW, the site from which I bought the kits is terrific; they've shared several neat items recently and I've got them bookmarked for future reference. 

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  1. what a cool idea - I hope one day when I'm back on the pacific, I spot one of those messages!!

    What a great idea to bring the machine along . I can imagine the empty hours sometimes would be well used for crafting.