Friday, January 1, 2010

2009 Gift Crafting, Part II

Happy New Year!  I hope you are all relaxing and thinking about starting fresh new projects.  My first major project of the year is a re-org of my work space.  I have a room that started out as my dream library, later became a library-cum-playroom, later still became an office, and now serves as my crafting space as well.  It's not a huge space, and each new use was tacked onto the old rather than relacing it, so it's probably no leap for you to understand it's a right mess.  I will have to re-prioritize some things and leave the non-negotiable stuff (such as office space) as is.

I made this patchwork puppy for a niece - it was a little fiddly at the corners but I was thrilled with the results.  And guess what?  That funky red that I didn't know how to use?  Turns out it's Dog's Tongue Red!

I made a mess of Pink Penguin's fabric baskets and loaded them up with crochet washcloths/dishcloth for family members.  I made nine baskets and filled them all. 

Some were plain squares, some mitered squares, and some circular - all done in Tuinisian crochet over the course of the year (I went through three cones and I don't know how many individual skeins!)

Finished just-in-time for the last family gathering: a table runner for my Mom, to go with the Christmas Tree Napkins I'd given her on Christmas Day.  Simple diagonal quilting on Fly Foot blocks.

Finally, my 2009 progress on my hexagons.  Doesn't look like much I'm afraid!  I have 1500+ hexies basted and ready to go, and have assembled one large flower (13" per side) and two partials.  I am hoping that now that the Year of the Dishcloth is done I will spend more evernings working on my hexes!

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  1. those tunisian crocheted cloths are GORGEOUS, they look incredibly difficult to make. I love the shape and the geometry inside. One day I'll master crochet...I've researched the tunisian crochet and I think I'm just a dud. LOL