Friday, March 5, 2010

Frost-Bitten ...

Fairy Frost, that is.  The always-delightful Quilting Cowgirl was kind enough to share her birthday by having a reader giveaway, and I won!  Look how luscious:  three books and a set of lovely Fairy Frost FQs!  I’ve strolled through the books and have loads of new ideas bouncing around my noggin (like I needed to add to the ever-growing list of Wanna-Dos!).  Even though Spring is just around the corner (good morning songbirds, welcome back!) I am not inclined to play with snowy things just now – but I’m thinking that around July a cool project will be most welcome, and I do have some ideas beginning to percolate for these fabrics!

Thank you Brenda, you’re a peach! And I promise you that if my husband suprises me with a birthday trip I will come up with a giveaway that is just as sweet!

1 comment:

  1. Looks like a lovely gift, Sally- Congrats! The cover of that first book really peaked my interest... I should check it out!