Friday, April 2, 2010

Ahhhh ... Better.

The cellar floor is drying, the Easter boxes in the attic have been found so we can dye eggs with friends this evening, and the Squirrel Threat has been removed.

It would take a heckuva rodent to make that leap now!  We cut down one of three clustered maples, so there are two left to help us shade the south side in the summer.  The boychild was really put out with me - all my crunchy-granola rants about responsible land use and good stewardship apparently sunk in and now he thinks it's a sin to cut down any tree!

The tree guy was most informative; we had an extended discussion on some of the other trees in the yard and the Grand Plan.  You have to take a 50-year view in your tree planning - right up my alley.  I love the thought that my little holly trees (one of which is known by my husband as "the stick") will be full-grown beauties only when I'm very old - and that I dug them up from the verge of a parking lot where they were being ignored and allowed to grow all crooked-nasty and moved them to a spot where they will be actively aprpeciated.

This is my little pulmonaria - the blossoms start out pink, then turn lavender.  Ain't it cute?  it's one of my favorite early blooms.

You've seen photos of the old bedstead in my southside garden before.  A friend gifted it to me (we are terrible scavengers) and as soon as I took it off her truck I knew right away where it "wanted" to be.  Hopefully with that tree gone there will be a little more light, allowing my plants to thrive!

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  1. I want your house!! I wannnnnt youuuurrrr houseee!! ghosts and all!
    ;-) Do you have a chicken coop and a sheep and a goat? That would round it out to perfect for me.
    Sorry about the flood, that reminds me of my childhood when our basement flooded and the way I found out was going downstairs to feed the dog and sploosh! shoes floating around and stuff. LOL Not fun. I'm glad you're dried out.