Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Quilts for Kids

I sent for my Quilts for Kids packet a couple of weeks back.  They sent me pre-cut fabrics for a darling kids' quilt.  They encourage you to make another from your own stash to send along, so I did.  Here they are (in the lovely warm breeze):

They provided a companion print for the backing; mine was too crazy so I broke it up a bit.

The kit they sent me had lakes and boats, with city streets and ponds all over the backing fabric.  I wanted to call it Sunday In Laketown, but see? 

The schoolbuses are out, so it must be Friday!

Here's a closeup of my focal fabric - the one with the shades and moustache is my favorite, so Cool Cats it is! (I did snip those threads and it's not quite as wonky as it looks, the wind was crazy!)

This was a fun project; I'll probably send for another kit very soon.

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