Monday, April 26, 2010

Quilt Show

Yesterday I went to Rhode Island with my Mom to the NBQA Quilt Show in North Kingstown. There were about 350 quilts on display, a good smattering of vendors, and a steady crowd, and I can't remember the last time Mom and I went on a just-us-two jaunt so that was really terrific.  Here are just a few of my favorites:
This one is called Pineapple Patience and was made by Pat Harrison.

This is Zen Dahlia by Pat Ferguson; photos do *not* do this justice!

Maria Lage of Cumberland had several pieces on special exhibit, including these minis:
Thoughts of Spring, 13" x 17"

Birds & Blooms:

Spring Gathering:

There were so many gorgeous works by this incredibly talented woman on display.  There were pieces that made me laugh aloud, pieces that made me squint right-up-this-close to see how she'd done it, and several landscapes and other pieces incorporating the coolest matting and framing techniques I've seen yet in smallish fabric works. 

Probably my favorites (though I’d be hard-pressed to commit with so much beautiful work in one place!) were these fish by Nancy Messier - WOW:

Oh, I love, love, love this border with the rail fence, isn’t it wonderful? By Joan Taylor.

Audrey Della Grotta’s Wisteria In Bloom:

I could have taken loads more photos – they had an impressive array of youth quilts, some clothing and bags on display, wool work, and lots more, but I got overwhelmed early on. The really big shows would be a waste, I'd be seeing double before I was halfway through.

p.s. - if any of these works don't knock your socks off, it's the fault of my photography alone.


  1. Thanks for sharing. They are works of art!

  2. These quilts look wonderful; the minis are incredible, aren't they? I lived in Wakefield and Narragansett, RI years ago and loved it there. Thanks for showing the quilts.
    kathleen in ct