Saturday, April 24, 2010

Springtime ...

...and a middle-aged woman's fancy turns to ... plants.

Happy early Mother's Day to me!  The elementary school has a plant sale/fundraiser every spring, and I took the opportunity to pick out my Mother's Day gift.  Isn't it a beauty?  It's such a pleasure to watch a tree change its form over the years, and this species is always lovely.

The dirt you see behind it wasn't dug today, although it will serve as the planting hole for this specimen tree.  For the past several years it's been the Designated Digging Area.  If your toddlers are digging up the yard, give them one spot and let them dig there, and only there.  It's worked very well for us!  Now that the kids are older their task will be to fill in most of the hole (currently big and deep enough to bury a Saint Bernard!) so I can plant my tree; if they want to dig they can work on the sh*tpile out back (the once-a-chicken-coop-and-then-general-dumping-spot, someday to be integrated into the yard as we sift through it over and over and over ... ).

Look at those leaves, aren't they gorgeous!

The weeping cherry is mostly finished, it's already fading; it was so brief and so beautiful ....

..but the lilacs are coming out; their scent is already being released and it's heavenly!  My two favorite scents in the world are maple-sugaring and lilacs; what are yours?

This is one of my favorite ferns:

And this is my perennial Begonia. It doesn't look like much, I know, but this is a total thrill for me: perennial begonias in New England, whee!
I planted ferns (simple roadside variety) next to the clematis to keep its root cool; I hope the light is OK after cutting down that maple, we won't know for a few weeks yet whether this will be more dappled light or still heavy shade.
I hope it's a lovely day wherever you are!  Tomorrow I'm going to the Narragansett Bay quilt show, hooray!  Hopefully I will get some good pics of fine work to share with you.

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  1. My favorite scents are lilacs and lily of the valley!