Friday, July 9, 2010

Asterisk Quilt Top Done!

I think I say this with each new quilt, but I do think this is my favorite so far.  Made as part of the ORBC Quilt Along, this is a pattern from Karen Griska.  I have a Plan, not yet executed, for the back but I was so excited I had to share the top:

It's bold and bright and I love it.  Thanks to Jackie for the Kona card, it's always nice to have the Right Tool for the Job!  I think I ordered 16 different solids for this quilt based on the card and the handy-dandy registration dots on the selvage of the gridded fabric.

This is also one of those projects where the unexpected comes into play in a big way.  I would never have bought this yardage of Blank fabric on eBay ordinarily, but when I spotted it I knew it would be perfect for this pattern.

Will post again when it's completed - I have two other projects with deadlines looming but as I said earlier I do have a Plan for the back, and a tentative plan for the quilting. 


  1. It looks just gorgeous!! So glad the color card helped you out. Check out the Asterisk quilt on my blog today!

  2. Oh wow Sally it's stunning! I think this is my fav of yours so far!!!!

  3. I love your quilt! It got an "Oh, wow" from my daughter and husband(!) when they saw it on Flickr. (I'm jealous and want to re-create your quilt as a result.)

  4. Gorgeous!!!!
    I can't really say more...