Tuesday, August 10, 2010

A World of Fun

I love abandoned and seemingly-forgotten places, don’t you? This was a Poconos-style family resort for many, many years. A few years ago it went into bankruptcy, and then the State acquired it. The State is actively seeking development bids for the property but in the meantime it’s abandoned and languishing. The site abuts an established state park, so although there are “Do Not Enter” signs at the main entrance it’s easy to lose your way on the “real” state park trails and find yourself here.

In its heyday, in midsummer the place would be swarming with tourists and you would see well-manicured grounds and lots of tacky hot-weather clothing, hear the shrieks of children playing, perhaps some crackling radios poolside, cars pulling in and out of the grounds.  Last week, it was silent except for the crickets and cicadas.

Some of the buildings onsite are genuinely old, dating from the 1700s.  Look at that stone foundation!  I'm a bit geeky that way - a foundation like this will make me swoon.

Look, a mini-golf course!  Want a closer look?

Atomic Age, here we come.
My personal favorite:
Does this one look quilty to you?  It does to me!
Almost done!
The cabins still look pretty good - in fact, they look better in the pics than in real life!  The DEP cops who accosted us made sure we were sternly warned about entering buildings, but we did look in the windows. They're genuinely eerie:  the beds and table lamps are still inside, just waiting for the next tenant.  It's strange to sweep the cobwebs off the door to look inside and see a room all set for its next occupant!
Some of the buildings look downright dilapidated.
I don't know about you, but if I was four years old I would not get on that horse!  He's right up there with scary clowns.
The pedal-boats are waiting for their next riders.  Love the name - "Water Skeeter!"
I think this was once the dining hall.  It overlooks the Salmon River, a lovely prospect.  "Embiggen" to see the cutouts:  I only took one closeup but it's a goofy pic of my offspring.  The Sheriff has lost his badge and has a nasty (gunshot?) wound in his thigh; Miss May has lost her corsage and her outfit is much the worse for wear.
Here's the Salmon River.  Obviously someone was there before us enjoying it.  There's a huge pile of these wooden lounge chairs in the outdoor dining pavilion - they're HEAVY!  Someone was determined to relax I think!
On the way out I spotted this treetrunk.  This tree was OLD - this downed cross section was about 5 feet tall!  See the fish? 
No?  Look closer:  it's a fish - in a tree!
So long!


  1. What an awesome place. I sure hope they are able to do something cool with it.
    I sometimes drive by a mini golf place that my husband says closed about 28 years ago. A giant cement mouse stands out front. The other things slowly disappear. I think the mouse needs to appear in my yard.

  2. Cool! I love the little cabins. I'm always intrigued by them and want to live in one someday.