Sunday, October 31, 2010

Clamshells, Month 5

It's time for the monthly Clamshell Club report!  Wow, 5 months already?  How did that happen?!?  Looks like 3 rows per month will be my average. 

Mrs. Boney playing Elle MacPherson; I don't think she has a career as a supermodel in her future but the clamshells make a lovely skirt!

Mr. Boney can almost use the clamshells as a nap quilt! 

Yesterday we went on a little family trip:  the New Britain Museum of American Art was having an M.C. Escher exhibit and we wanted to catch it before it left.  Boy, am I glad we did!  This was the entrance - clever!
We were not allowed to take photographs within so I cannot share anything from the actual exhibit - but you probably know many of the pieces we saw.  I knew almost all of them.  We got to see the litho stone for Planaria, my very favorite Escher work; we saw all of his impossible staircases, his reflection pieces, several spectacular woodcuts and naturally his tesselative work.  This man had a caliber of mathematics tripping off his pencil that most of us cannot even grasp; he himself did not have the education to name most of what he was executing!  I stood in awe before even his most hastily-scribbled sketches.  As a budding quilter, I see his work very differently than I have in the past:  the posters that I had decorating my college dorm walls are still a source of delight to me but in a completely different way. 

Some details from the roofs of two nearby houses - love these decorative elements!

Does anyone still sell lightning rods?  You can see one sort of wrapped around  that finial there.  We have them on our house; when we had the roof replaced I insisted that they be reinstalled because an old balloon-framed house needs all the fireproofing it can get!

While some of us are not yet in costume for Halloween Night, some folks are preparing for the future:

Hope your Halloween is just a little spooky and a lot of fun!


  1. You are so fortunate to see the Escher exhibit! Years ago I bought a book about his life and work, and I am just in awe of the intricacies he created.

  2. your clamshell with Mr. Boney spooky dude there!!!

  3. Funny! Love Mr and Mrs. Boney with your clamshells!

  4. Oh, great post Sally!
    Your clams are looking FABULOUS!!!
    wow, 5 months already?! LOL
    Sorry it took me a week to pop by, but happy I did!
    Big Hug!