Sunday, November 7, 2010


I think most novice quilters vow never again to make a huge quilt on their DSM once they finish their first. I’ve amended this as follows:

I will never again let really tall people do me kindnesses requiring proper thanks.

Naturally the quilt is Plain Spoken, the Kerr & Ringle classic, with a slight twist: I used all tonals instead of solids, and I sized the blocks up. My friend is 6’5” so I needed a really big quilt; the finished blocks are 10”x3”. Post-dryer crinkly finish measures approximately 100” square.
All of my short friends are more than welcome to be kind to me in future but you tall ones, keep your distance please!


  1. It looks fabulous!! This one has been on my long lists of to make. Gotta do it soon. Did you see my post the other day on Bill Kerr at Quilt Market and his new book? I think you would like it!

  2. It's beautiful, but 100" square?!?!! You're nuts! That must be an awfully special friend.

  3. LOL Hilarious! Now you know why I stick to baby-quilts!
    But Sally, what an amazing quilt: GREAT job!

  4. I don't know, Sally, mine just seem to stay large. However, (she said shamefacedly) I don't make quilts for outside the family anymore. Kindnesses receive baked goods. Your quilt will be adored by the recipient, I'm sure. In fact, he may end up owing you another kindness.............I suggest brownies. Michele