Sunday, October 10, 2010

Quilt Show!

Went to the quilt show in East Haddam yesterday.  As always it was a genuine treat.  The church was just chock-full of eye candy:

The first quilt to catch my eye.  The tails on these lightning bugs actually light up!  C. Susan Ferraro possesses awesome thread skills, 'nuff said.

Justine Cancryn's "1040," made from 1040 2-inch squares and quilted by Jackie.  Justine (who's just delightful in person) collected bits of fabric from her Mom and her friends for this quilt.  Would love to have spent an hour inspecting all those terrific squares!

Madeleine Lowry made a fabulous Rose of Sharon quilt.  Here is just one block to show you how wonderful it is:

This Hawaiian applique knocked my socks off.  The maker, Sheila Gleason, said it took her 10 years to make but she probably won't try this ambitious a project again.  I believe her on all counts, look at that stitching! 

The church is kind of a funky spot to try to take pics - if it's dreary the quilts don't show up well but if it's bright the church does let full sunshine in.  A lovely "Year in the Meadow" by Lynn Veith and a very cool Drunkard's Path variation exhibited by Laura Thomas:

You have to love a crazy quilt, though there's a pragmatic side of me that would be scared to use it for fear of damaging all that wonderful needlework.  Judy Koch exhibited this piece.

Look at the work, wow-wow-wow!

This adorable rag quilt was made by Jo Hansling; it makes me - almost - wish my kids were little again!

A spectacular Baby Jane in spring colors by Jane(!) Howe:

I love the quilt descriptions for this show.  Lynn Veith reveals that she made this as part of a class with Judy Niemeyer.  She hadn't done any paper piecing before so she used her wildest and brightest colors, purposely not using her favorite fabrics in case she didn't like the result!
This vintage Grandmother's Flower Garden is a Corbett family heirloom.  ahhh.

Look at that quilting!  Sue Morrison tells us it was created by the ladies at the Southern Hills Church in Topeka, Kansas.  Those ladies deserve a big round of applause!

This was probably my favorite piece this year.  Partly because of the happy design and the fabrics Lynn Veith selected (hey, I see a trend here, do you?),

But also because she obviously had so much fun with the actual quilting of the piece!

Betty Haines made this beautiful wall hanging:

Look at that detail, how marvellous!

Am I the only one who remembers the (rather silly) movie "Hello Down There?"  I kept thinking about the "Little Goldfish" song while enjoying at this rich quilt by Donna Reynolds.
If you're in the area, the show is open until 5:00 today; if not, hope you enjoyed this little bit of it!

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  1. Loved the show too!! So nice that you have my Pop Squares quilt as your first photo. Thank you!! Did you see my slideshow? I really enjoyed the show and Justine enjoyed meeting with you. Someday we will meet!