Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Clamshells, month 6

The Clamshell Club project is moving along!
Here's a look - along with a first peek at hubby's shed-in-progress!  Hooray, someday I will have the little garage all to myself, without having to share space with the riding mower!

I believe I finished 4 rows this month.  It's starting to look like a quilt!  And yes, Valentina, I was wearing my winter coat and waiting between North-wind gusts while I took the photos; it's grey and blustery here, no tourist-y polar bears to be found!

Process note:  now that it's getting big, I'm finding the bulk a little harder to manage.  This month I folded down the top 10 inches and pinned it, measuring down from that point for my latest rows. How are you handling this issue?


  1. LOL
    Oh my, I can't stop laughing, Sal!!!
    I could imagine a Polar bear in hawaiian surfer shorts and an umbrella drink peeking from behind your shed!!!
    Gee, your clams are looking FA*BU*LOUS!!!
    Well done!
    My project is small, so I haven't had problems handling it. But I do find it easy to work on the back of our armchair. This way I am able to rest my work and my arms as I 'rotate' the clams as I applique.

  2. That's beautiful - I just love clamshell quilts. Enough that I should probably hurry up and learn how to do one myself.

  3. Wonder where my comment went? I'll check it tomorrow.

  4. Well all good things in three (Dutch expression)
    I mentioned earlier that your clamshells are beautiful and your top is growing fast. You are doing so well. I still pin my top to a kind of pinning board to keep them in place. For me that works best.

  5. Look at you go! Very, very nice! I wondered how hard it would be to handle as it continues to grow, I have yet to remove any of the templates and am starting to find this a problem, but I am afraid to remove them! LOL.

  6. Your Clamshells are looking wonderful! I'm afraid I haven't managed a report at all the past couple months, hopefully this new year will see some progress on my small offering ;)
    Happy New Year!