Monday, March 14, 2011

4 Up

It was that time again, so I asked Quilts for Kids to send me a kit.  I know they're in need of teen boy quilts, so I'd planned on making my "extra" with that in mind.  They sent me two, so I made two more!
The first kit they sent me:

And the second:

The first of my "extras:"  I don't really know what teen boys like aside from things that beep, things that go BOOM and things that turn me into The Nagging Fishwife, but here's my interpretation of a teen boy quilt.  I'm sure there's a name for this block: it's essentially half-a-snowball, just two corners done instead of four.

For the second quilt, I took the extra HSTs I got from the corners of the first's blocks and made them into a funky center.  I wish it was nicer out today, the colors are much richer than they come across here. The upside, of course, is that I have a yard again!  Spring is definitely coming right along.

I'm pretty certain this is the first time I've had so many finished quilts in one spot!  They're sitting atop a sneaky-peek of my next project - hopefully I will be able to share that next week.


  1. Wow! You made some really neat quilts. I completely dig the 3rd on especially. ;)

  2. I love your quilts and your profile pic. Thanks for coming to We Love Quilting.