Monday, February 28, 2011

Clamshell Update

Nine months have passed since I started working with the Clamshell Club and I think I'm about halfway through the top!  Hooray for milestones!

I'm going to aim for 60" square center, then see where it goes from there.  I took this photo yesterday when we got a peek at the sun a couple of times.  We're in for ugly weather today so I figured I'd best get out there while I could!  Supposedly we're in for thunder and lightning today; I hate winter thunderstorms, they scare me.

It is still winter here but tomorrow makes it all better in my head:  once we've reached March it can still snow, quite a lot even,'t.last.  whew!  Still, the season is not without its smiles:  when I went out yesterday morning to get the newspaper, this oddity was awaiting me on the porch:


  1. Looking wonderful! A sure way to brighten up a winter day. Love the oddity on the porch. We had lots of rain overnight and it continues today, but the snow still remains.

  2. Wonderful progress Sally. The top is so pretty. I love the scrappy look (but you probably know that)
    Tomorrow is the first of March. Only 21 days untill spring and my birthday. Such a happy feeling that my birthday is the first day of spring. Usually I see spring flowers popping up everywhere.
    Have a great week with rising temperatures!

  3. Congratulations! what a milestone! It is looking really good. Not having seen your progress since dec. it is amazing to me to see your quilt coming together: well done, Sally!
    I love the little bits of green (shells) peaking through the 'snow'!
    :) Spring WILL come!

  4. You've done really well with your clamshells! That is going to be such a lovely quilt!
    You sound like me -- I always say once we hit March 1, the worst is behind us. I hope I'm right this year -- as it has been a very odd winter.

  5. Holy Toledo! Look at those clamshells. How lovely. Yippie you're making it. :)