Friday, February 25, 2011

Feelin' Cozy, Rats In The Cellar

The boychild's rats finally got their upgrade.   Hubby finished their cage today and they are already exploring.  The girlchild has a similar cage but version 2.0 incorporates an underbed storage tub as a floor: hopefully this will better contain the chips and make cleaning much easier!

Here's your Ratty Poetic Justice for the day:  Recently the aptly-named Malice, one of the original rat mamas, passed away.  (She really was a meanie.)  When the girlchild told me the animal was dead, I told her to double-bag it and put it in the freezer until the ground thaws.  She didn't want to leave it at that so she went and got a box.  Now, I do read horror fiction from time to time, and I sometimes order from a specialty book publisher; it happens that the first box at hand was from this publisher.  So Malice is now ensconced in a box labelled Cemetery Dance! 

If you're a horror reader, Cemetery Dance does put out some lovely editions and is worth a visit.  I wish I could buy special editions all the time, I do love the smell and texture of good paper.

[With apologies to Aerosmith for the silly use of their lyrics; the freezer IS in the cellar though!]


  1. LOL

    had to read it out loud to hubby!!!
    Still Laughing out loud!

  2. I'm a little slow on reading this latest post and, also LOL! Only in your house, only in yours!!!