Saturday, June 18, 2011

Laurels and Stupas and Dolls, Oh My!

The Girlchild and I went on a mini adventure today. Several weeks back we were a little bit lost on our way somewhere and we caught a glimpse of what looked like a celebration in the middle of nowhere:

We went back today to get a better look.  The path led us past several very odd signs – I think there’s a modern-day commune next door. I did find a citation online: the New England Farm Institute says “The site holds the first Buddhist stupa in CT, the main dwelling is the oldest bale structure east of the Mississippi and there is a newly-constructed straw bale barn, all off the grid. The farm is currently a gathering place for artists, environmentalists, peace activists and the local Tibetan community.”

(thuper fabuluss!  Ordinarily my Former Lit Major Self would be freaking but I think the polka dots and swirlies make up for it!) 

As it turns out, we were right about the celebration – sort of. I believe this is still Connecticut’s only stupa, a Buddhist shrine The idea is that it’s a place of meditation; you are instructed to walk around it only in a clockwise, contemplative manner. 

It’s definitely another of our favorite Surreal Places! The Girlchild likes this one almost as well as the Interdimensional Rift, which I’ll tell you about another time. Here she is with her strange doll. He got his own photoshoot today. 

Late Spring is one of my favorite times of year; this year it’s all pink and white. The dogwoods are exceptionally beautiful; even my dorky tree (which really was just a stick when I first purchased it) looks great – look at those swathes of flowers!

The sweet peas went crazy, I think I need a bigger trellis!

And the Mountain Laurel, our state flower, is also thriving. We found this little stand just North of the stupa. 

Each year I feel compelled to make at least one Lady during Laurel season. It’s pretty basic, a bit like making flower chains. I’ve been making these since I was a small child, but I don’t think I know anyone else who makes them. Here’s this year’s Laurel Lady:

On the way home we had to stop for the local steam train; these excursions are much beloved by the tourists and maligned by the locals, but I love to hear a steam whistle in the distance, it's very evocative.

I hope your day was meditative, contemplative, evocative and filled with gorgeous flowers.  Failing that, I hope you at least got to see a pink unicorn. 

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